Someone She Once Knew, a contemporary romance book by Melissa Klein

Someone She Once Knew, a contemporary romance book promotion Melissa Klein

Julia Wilkes is a single mother of a child with special needs. She owns a resort in north Georgia that she wants to expand. However, a spring tornado damages the property and puts her plans on hold. The storm also return Luke Chevalier to Magnolia Springs. He's come home to buy back his family's farm but has no plans to stay, except his need to take care of Julia changes that. He decides to help her repair her buildings all the while he's keeping her at arm's length. He wants to keep the reason he left 12 years ago a secret from Julia fearing she's too fragile to accept the truth. However, the years have turned the once delicate girl into a strong willed woman. Julia stands up to everyone who tries to keep her from accomplishing her goals, even the man she's loved all these years.