Walking with J - an inspirational Christian journey by Karsten Quarters

Walking with J - an inspirational Christian journey book promotion sites Karsten Quarters

What would you say to Jesus Christ if you could walk around the world with Him?

Read this inspirational walking tour around the world with Jesus, and enhance or reconnect with your Christian faith.

Walking with J is Karsten Quarter's spiritual journey asking Jesus the big questions about today's world, and receiving answers from his two-millennia old words. All of Jesus's responses come from The New Testament. This Christian book uses travel as a backdrop to a story of transformation and awakening.

From the splendor of the world's most visited sites to the squalor of urban slums, join a conversation about topics from love and hate to money and poverty to the challenges of faith in a fast-changing world. If you enjoy travel stories, Jesus's words, and any combination of the two, this is the complete book for you.