Bad Decisions: Life Is Hard, Especially When You're an Asshole - a book by Buck Brennan

Bad Decisions: Life Is Hard, Especially When You're an Asshole - discount book promotion Buck Brennan

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After a lifetime of bad decisions, job after job, excessive indulgence in drugs and booze, a massive accumulation of student debt and an unwanted divorce, none of which is his fault of course...ha ha...Buck has lots to share with readers. But those readers need to prepare for a bucket-load of barely credible, sometimes shocking experiences delivered with an earful of expletives, a bottomless pit of clever analogies, lots of self-deprecation, a good measure of sarcasm and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor. Buck Brennan has elected to laugh at his messed-up, messy life, and we laugh along with him. But astute readers will recognize that behind all the humor lies lots of pain. Though circumstances differ, many of us will see ourselves in Buck. He connects with us, draws us in, and leaves us thinking about the many issues, political, social and cultural, that he addresses ever so subtly, and sometimes like a brick over the head! Are you ready for an outrageous, often irreverent read? I dare you to tackle Buck Brennan's Big Book of Bad Decisions.