Fear and Intimidation: Reaching Out to Muslims About Christ - religious book by Robert Cook

Fear and Intimidation: Reaching Out to Muslims About Christ - religious book promotion Robert Cook

Hello my name is Robert Cook.

In the early 80’s the second Muslim I ever met, threatened to kill me because he thought I was making fun of his god, while I was asking another Muslim questions about the first Palestinian intifada (the many suicide bombings) in Israel. Little did I know then that I would ever study Islam, the Quran and write a book about the religion of Islam and what the Quran teaches.

Muslims are “commanded” in the Quran to believe in all of the books or revelations that Allah has sent down to all of mankind which include the Old and New Testaments. Though Islamic scholars and Imams teach that the Old and New Testaments are corrupted and therefore should not believe what is said in them. However the Quran says nothing at all about the Word of Allah as being corrupted. In fact the Quran states that Allah “Preserves His Word” and protects his word. So when Muslims refuse to read or study or believe in what the Bible says, they are rejecting the word of Allah! 

In this book the Quran and the Bible are quoted throughout, speaking too subjects like how the Quran actually glorifies Jesus above Muhammed by declaring that Jesus was a “Faultless” man. A “Faultless” man is a “Perfect” man which is more than just a man. Because no man who has ever lived on the earth has been Faultless accept Jesus, or the punishment of Allah which the most dominant subject in the Quran. The punishment of Allah is mentioned nearly 300 times verses the love of Allah for his followers, which is mentioned only 16 times.

This book is an effort to inform everyone who reads this book, including Muslims about Islam and the Quran so that we may better understand the fastest growing religion in the world and to give Christians what they need to know in their efforts to reach out to Muslims about Christ.
The fact of the matter is that the more we know about the Quran and Islam. The better we are at reaching out to Muslims about Christ, Because Muslims will and do respect and take the time to listen to you when reaching out to Muslims about Jesus because you have taken the time to learn about what they believe in. 

There is nothing about Islam that this book doesn’t cover. Why Muslims are so eager to kill themselves in Jihad? Who and what are the Jinn. What are the core beliefs that all Muslims are supposed to believe in? What is the Islamic Paradise like, and so much more.

This book is not meant to insult Muslims but is an effort to reach out to Muslims about Jesus Christ. Both the Quran and the Bible are quoted throughout this book. There is much written in the Quran that Muslims never speak of in public but this book is a study of the Quran and every subject matter in the Quran is covered in this book. Want to learn about what the Quran actually teaches and about subjects that Muslims do not speak about in public? Read, Fear and Intimidation- Reaching Out To Muslims About Christ.