Nightmares of a Hitman - Thriller book by Richard Poche

Nightmares of a Hitman - Thriller book promotion Richard Poche

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Nestor makes his living smuggling illegals across the border into the United States. After experiencing too many close calls, Nestor declares his intention to make one last final trip across the border after which he will settle into a life in California.

His final trip is an arduous one which culminates in his group being attacked by members of the drug cartel. They survive thanks to a heroic intervention by a mysterious young drifter named Hernan.Hernan reveals himself as a simple man who lacks basic life skills. An orphan from birth, he was taken in by a grandmother who since passed away, leaving Hernan to fend for himself.

He is not without a talent, however. Nestor sees Hernan's ability to shoot guns with deadly accuracy as a marketable commodity as he becomes a hitman.