Recoil - Roman Fall by Michael Marchant

Recoil - Roman Fall action adventure book promotion site Michael Marchant

A fast paced, page turning, action adventure story.

Flying back from a covert operation to a secret research facility in northern Syria - an operation which did not go well - Captain Rebus Felok is ordered to divert and pick up two civilians.

Already carrying one civilian, the enigmatic scientist Dr Almira Fridtjoffa Amundsen, Rebus is not happy to be delaying his return to pick up two more. Two minutes from the Turkish border, fifteen minutes from base, the order seems ludicrous as well as unorthodox.

The two civilians, Professor Edward Coil and his sixteen year old son, Luke, fleeing for their lives from the latest ISIS offensive, are only too happy to be rescued.

When they’re inexplicably blasted back to 53BC they have no idea where they are and have no idea they’ve travelled back in time. First they have to find out where and when they are, and then they have to come up with a plan for how to survive and how to return to their own time.

A great story, great characters, plenty of humour.

Pure entertainment.