Story Mix 1 - a collection of stories by Ana Elijah

Story Mix 1 - a collection of stories book promotion Ana Elijah

The first collection of stories from author Ana Elijah. The Silent Power was conceived when the author recollected her experience as Secret Angel, one chosen to pray for speakers at a Christian retreat, whose identity is unknown to everyone except the directors. At the same time, she was reading a book on the history of the CIA and the two merged together in her mind and led to the writing of this story. The Farmer and the Scientist is a romantic tale of two seemingly opposites who persevere through trials to create a life-long marriage, filled with love and adventure. Your Future World is a glimpse of a possible future full of oppression and a lack of freedom. The idea of the story was based on some of the author's personal experiences, as she reflects on what the future might be like for her children if current trends continue.