PointsLife: Not Your Grandma's Timeshare by Fred Lanosa

PointsLife: Not Your Grandma's Timeshare free book promotion Fred Lanosa

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PointsLife is about points! A "Tell-All" l book about vacation ownership today, not your Grandma's timeshare. Learn why points are quickly becoming the vacation currency of choice for today's savvy travelers. Learn insider secrets on how-to access better accommodations, better views, better discounts at the best destinations. Imagine...no need to bounce from travel site to travel ever again. Includes vacation examples and how many points it takes to go. Learn how points buy cruises (including Riverboat), vacation house rentals similar to VRBO and AirBNB type accommodations , world-class tours, hotels , and mini-getaways at up to 50% discounts. Read real stories from points-owners in their own words and more...Substantive...Enlightening...Eye-opening ....a 90-minute unauthorized tour into the world of points!