Breathing Zen: How Meditation Clears The Air and Makes Your Life & Living Better by Gerald Usrey

Breathing Zen: How Meditation Clears The Air and Makes Your Life & Living Better paperback book promotion Gerald Usrey

You may be familiar with cartoons of a guru high on a mountaintop, offering profound insights to the climber just arrived. They are typically humorous, and there’s always elements of truth about the human condition. Breathing Zen does the same. Tidbits of humor are sprinkled throughout, but the meat of the book is how meditation – and the wisdom of Zen masters themselves – can enrich your everyday life.

Breathing Zen is a short, easy, and entertaining read. Join the author as he retraces his discovery of meditation and his quest to better understand its power. The author’s personal journey takes you through and beyond scientific explanations of the meditation phenomenon – through and beyond the often esoteric descriptions by Eastern gurus. As the author himself writes, “It just slowly dawned on me that it is all so simple… so very, very simple.” 

You’ll see how this age-old practice and the surprising down-to-earth wisdom of Zen can clear the air from misperceptions and misguided feelings in your day-to-day life – and make your life and living better. You’re also in store for another surprise: If you’ve ever wondered what Zen’s notion of “Enlightenment” is all about, the last chapter offers both inspiration and pause for reflection. You may very well want to read it more than once. 

The overarching value of Breathing Zen is that its life-lessons will work every day for you, whether you meditate or not. If you have never meditated, this book will inspire you to do so.  If you are experienced in the benefits of meditation, it will open up a new understanding of why and how it makes your life and living better. 

Prepare yourself for discoveries and insights that will capture your imagination. You will find yourself thinking twice about things you’ve never thought of before.