Starfallen: One Step Into Never (Tales From the Far Rim Frontier) - a book by D. Martin

STARFALLEN: ONE STEP INTO NEVER (Tales From the Far Rim Frontier) - a book by D. MARTIN
Survival and finding love isn't easy for a young woman in the only Human colony allowed upon a planet occupied by mysterious overlords…. In a distant future on Torben, Corissa is reeling from tragedy. She's trying to save her dad's land-lottery farm after his death. She plans on using her talent with a magical stone to help. But an overlord, an unstable musician friend, and danger all interfere.

~Magical stones, barley, unrequited love, and a young woman on an isolated Human colony all lead to the unthinkable….~

Corissa Danvins lives alone on Torben’s only Human colony that’s enclosed by an impenetrable force-field placed there by the planet’s mysterious nonhuman overlords. They’re the powerful, unseen First Dwellers. Corissa has survived family upsets, tragedy, and a broken heart. She has a rare talent and thinks it can keep the Alliance government from snatching her landholding.

She plans on using her ability to spark life in a mysterious gemstone found only on Torben—until the planet’s overlords, political events beyond her control, and a complex musician friend with a questionable mental condition—all interfere. She’ll need courage to face Torben’s secrets. Doing so might save colonists and help her find love again.