Starfallen: One Step Into Never (Tales From the Far Rim Frontier) - a book by D. Martin

STARFALLEN: ONE STEP INTO NEVER (Tales From the Far Rim Frontier) - a book by D. MARTIN

Magical stones, barley, and unrequited love. A young woman on an isolated Human colony braves the unknown to save her home....

Two days changed Corissa Danvin's life when she dared venture near the Forbidden Zone's energy barrier surrounding the isolated Human on Torben. She's in a race against time on a desperate search for her father's secret gemstone mine that could save the farm she's inherited from repossession by the Alliance Settlement Board.

In those two fateful days, she makes contact with one of Torben's elusive First Dwellers. Then she runs into Vance Far Sun, a troubled, complex muscian friend for whom she's carried a hidden attraction---and someone she's shunned for almost two years after delusional episodes about Torben's mysterious overlords suddenly beset him.  And now he's accusing her of not giving them a chance together....

But political events on Torben upend the colony, also throwing Corissa into an uncertain future wherein she might lose everything, unless she steps past her fear of the unknown.

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