The Mystery Master - Intrigue: A Rick O’Shea Adventure book #3 by John Rayburn

The Mystery Master - Intrigue: A Rick O’Shea Adventure book #3 by John Rayburn

Rick, Helga, and Lute are commissioned to find the truth about a claim made that Russia's sale of Alaska to the US was not legally completed in 1867. Once again, their signature sleuthing methods enable them to quickly find the truth and resolve the matter once and for all. Of course, this leads to more offers: uncover the thieves of rough diamonds from a Canadian mine and help neutralize a threat by radicals to plant bombs in the US.

During one of their commissioned adventures, the intrepid trio stumble upon a long-hidden stash of gold in an ancient fortress. After hazardous chases around Alaska, Russia, the Mediterranean, Canada, and India in seaplanes, helicopters, and even a US destroyer, the team heads home somewhat frazzled and intent upon seeking less harrowing and dangerous future.

About the Author

John Rayburn is a veteran of 62 years in broadcasting and is a member of a Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame.  He served as a news/sports anchor and show host, and his TV newscast achieved the largest Share of Audience figures of any major-market TV newscast in the nation.

His network credits include reports/appearances on The Today Show, Huntley-Brinkley News, Walter Cronkite News, NBC Monitor, NBC News on the Hour, et al.  He recorded dozens of books for the National Library Service and narrated innumerable Radio/TV recordings.  He had conversation/interviews with Ronald Reagan (then President of the Screen Actors Guild), John F. Kennedy (U.S. Senator at the time), Jimmy Carter on the campaign trail, special coverage with Presidents Richard Nixon and Harry Truman, and many more with major personalities in business, education, politics, sports, entrainment, literature, et al.

Rayburn has traveled extensively, gaining information and making observations about our national foibles.  He is well suited to bring fascinating stories to life concerning the people, places and things that combine to present lively observations of our day-to-day lives.