The Starfire Wars: The Complete Series by Jenetta Penner

The Starfire Wars: The Complete Series by Jenetta Penner

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Cassiopeia Foster was named for the stars. But all she wants to do is run back home to Earth...

Two years after her mother died in a horrible accident, Cassi departs Earth to settle on the lush world known as Arcadia. Her father, the architect of this new civilization, tells her it’s a great honor – a chance to take part in Earth’s salvation.

But for Cassi, it means leaving her mother’s memory behind.

When terrorists attack Arcadia, tragedy strikes again… Her father is killed, and Cassi finds herself plunged into a dark conspiracy. The terrified girl soon discovers that everything she thought she knew about Arcadia was a lie. War looms in the stars, and Cassi is utterly alone on this strange new planet...

Then she meets Javen. He’s gorgeous, mysterious, and undeniably dangerous. And as the two of them flee for their lives, a single question burns in her mind:

Will Javen help her stop the coming war?

Or kill her, before she can reveal the truth...