HEAVEN'S OPEN BOOK - A soul-searching Christian fiction by Sheldon Peart

HEAVEN'S OPEN BOOK - A soul-searching Christian fiction by Sheldon Peart

One thing binds five couples from differing backgrounds, their Christianity. 

You'll meet Sandra Campbell whose body no longer belongs to her 'unbelieving' husband, Clifford, because she has met another man called Jesus, who owns her completely. The charismatic Pastor Gerald Panton will set his congregation ablaze but he is no match for his educated and outspoken wife, Catherine. Timothy and Beatrice Henriques are two charming refugees whose strength of character, determination, simplicity and piety are unquestioned, while  Deacon Barrington Duncan and his sophisticated wife, Cindy  are an uncompromising duo, whether you like them or not. But when Hector and Jasmine Blackstock turn up,  they will serve you a treat you'll never forget.

When the 'unbelieving' Clifford Campbell gets a peek into the good book ,he is raptured in a startling vision. But he is shocked to discover that his wife, Sandra and many Christian stalwarts from Earth are missing from the heavenly portals.How could this be? The Chief recording angel directs him to 'Heaven's Open Book' because it lays bare the secrets of men.

The revelations are immediate, detailed, colourful and shocking. But when the smoke clears, Heaven's Open Book offers a startling reality check for the 'ardent' Christian who is preoccupied with the 'grievous' sins of unbelievers while overlooking his 'decent' or 'petty misdemeanours.

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