Mr. Willy & Arthur by Fairleigh Brooks

Mr Willy and Arthur by Fairleigh Brooks

Everyone is intrigued by collisions - you know you can't not look at a car crash. There are all sorts of collisions, from the sub atomic to the galactic ... and of course of people. In "Mr. Willy & Arthur" two of literature's most opposite characters do collide - or maybe they merge or intersect. These two are Boo Radley and Willy Loman.

In the story the author takes a few liberties with Willy Loman's end and a whole lot of liberties with Boo Radley's self imprisonment. Boo is gotten to 1949, when Willy comes across him on a dark road in North Carolina. They become fast friends, and Boo accompanies Willy to Florida where Willy will find his inevitable end.

"Mr. Willy & Arthur" is the story of two men chasing success. One will never find it because he simply can not. The other does find success, but of a sort unrecognizable to most of us.

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