One Christmas - a holiday romance by Karine Saint Jacques

One Christmas - a holiday romance by Karine Saint Jacques

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It’s almost Christmas, but for some, it doesn’t feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

Irene believes she has again found love, a gift she thought was lost to her after her thirty-five year marriage crumbled. She’s overjoyed to spend her first Christmas with her new beau…if only her ex-husband would stop popping up when she least expects it, causing a friction between her love anew and the man she once believed was her true love.

Meanwhile, her children – Anthony, Gloria, and Jake – are pursuing romances all of their own.

Anthony is seeking to warm the lonely heart of Ava, a barista in his mother’s coffee shop who has sworn off men.

Gloria is determined to bring holiday cheer to her brooding neighbor, Lucas, whose shattered heart refuses to let go of the past.

And although Jake thinks he’s found a woman he could finally commit to, he’s taken by surprise by a secret admirer. Now, he must choose between pursuing true love and going back on a promise…a promise he made to a young girl who struggles to trust anyone.

For Christopher, Irene’s nephew, he must choose whether he will finally embrace the woman of his dreams who slipped away years ago – who is now dating his cousin, Jake.

As Christmas Eve approaches, anything is possible for the McKinlay family, and this year, there may just be enough of the greatest gift to spare, if only they can find a way to believe in the magic of Christmas…