Snowflake Wishes, Christmas Kisses - a sweet holiday romance by Annalisa Russo

Snowflake Wishes, Christmas Kisses - a sweet holiday romance book Annalisa Russo

When Cyber security expert, Cord McQuada heads back to Green Earth, Minnesota with his selectively mute twelve-year-old niece in tow, he doesn’t expect a friendly welcoming committee. Not that he ever planned to return home after the community booted him out eight years ago, but his sister’s in rehab now, and he has inherited her problems. Talk about a guilt trip. And since the only Christmas presents he ever received growing up came from Green Earth’s local gas station, he’d rather skip the town’s over-the-top annual holiday festivities. 

Heir to a famous French fashion line, Giselle Delacroix decides to jump ship and open a children’s clothing store in Green Earth—her dream job. Not just a clothing store, but one with costumed birthday parties and one-of-a-kind beautiful holiday dresses. Her college roommate had always invited her to the town’s Christmas merriments while her successful parents romped around the globe after the buying season ended. But now, busy and over-worked, the last thing Giselle wants, or needs, is a Christmas romance—even if the man involved is every woman’s pièce de résistance. 

Melah, heaven’s unofficial matchmaker, plans to send in her new protégée to help the couple quell escalating problems, but can she help Cord and Giselle ignite some Christmas sparks?