Tell Us the Mermaid Story - an island fantasy novella by Beka R. March

Tell Us the Mermaid Story - an island fantasy novella by Beka R. March

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Fantasy lovers, if you’re seeking a good island adventure with a mythical creature; don’t overlook this intriguing new novella, "Tell Us the Mermaid Story" by Beka R. March.

Take a journey back through time, as Roxie Thomas tells her children a story about Gem, a young Merquatican mermaid from the Nesirkie clan. Gem is a headstrong flipper, who breaks the rules of the clan, and befriends one of the tail-less. Queenie is the lonely human girl who manages to find a friend in a most unlikely place; an isolated New Zealand island, where she was forced to come live with her estranged grandfather.

All summer long, after these two meet, Gem spends leisurely days telling Queenie about the merpeople; how Merquaticans think, live, communicate, and even breed. In return, Queenie teaches Gem what she wants to know about humans, and the mermaid story has a happy ending. But not in reality.

Roxie, the storyteller, is aware that the make-believe tale contains more fact than fiction. She’d been lying for the past seven years, whenever she told the story to her daughters. When they were younger, it was easy enough to fool them. But now they were older and full of probing questions. She couldn’t risk them accidentally finding out the truth. This would have to be the last time she told the story, if she wanted to keep the secret safe.

Take a moment to read about Gem. Her clan is a new breed of merfolk that will be making a splash on the 2020 scene, when "Merquatica: Chronicles of the Merpeople" is released. Until then, get acquainted with Gem, because you’ll be seeing her again in all the “chronicles”. 

"Tell Us the Mermaid Story" is now available on Amazon.