72 Hours in Chiang Mai - Travel book promotion by Justin Forte

72 Hours in Chiang Mai - Travel book promotion by Justin Forte
72 Hours in Chiang Mai - Travel book promotion by Justin Forte

While traveling to new places is an exciting affair, it can also be a source of anxiety when it comes to figuring out what parts of a country to visit. There are always a thousand places listed online. They have numerous activities that you might not be able to undertake in the few days or weeks of your stay. Travelers prefer to read ahead of their visits to understand the environment they intend to visit. It is even more helpful when that guide comes from an author who has a personal experience and has assessed the area from long-term experience. That is why 72 Hours in Chiang Mai comes in handy. It is an ideal travel buddy to the optimum Thai experience. It’s compiled from a point of understanding.

This book is a solution to your dilemma. The author is an experienced author who has traveled the world extensively and lived in Chiang Mai. He went through the confusion of figuring out while saving on time and money. Along the way, he got the experience of a lifetime that is every traveler's aspiration.

72 Hours in Chiang Mai is a comprehensive guide. It gives an in-depth insight into the rich Thai culture, an array of temples that attract millions of people every year. It will take you through the geography of Thailand and Chiang Mai. The book ensures that the places you visit are in line with the kind of experiences you intend to achieve.

It outlines places, food, culture, and temples that are the epicenter of Thailand's life. The writer goes the extra mile to reveal all the hidden temples. He shares experiences that will help you narrow down your choices to exactly what you are looking for. The piece captures the magic of the city, the vibrancy, and the atmosphere.

Ranging from the beautiful, huge mountains, cool climate, the unique food flavors, and the glorious temples that give Chiang Mai a unique personality, the book is a gem. It vividly describes the great Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Monastery that has been active since the 14th Century - one of the most ancient constructions in the world.

The convenient location of the temple makes it possible for travelers to take in the magnificent view of the city. This gives your trip a laid-back feel and the mental break you need from the daily routine of life.

These are just some of the things that make this book the right partner. The pages express experiences that will draw you into the heart of Chiang Mai. The words will create memories that you will live to tell.