Chronicles of the Mercy Giver - Christian Fantasy Fiction by Mark Romang

Chronicles of the Mercy Giver - Christian Fantasy Fiction book by Mark Romang

Investigative journalist Lauren Kramer is among the best in the business in the world of cable news, but her new assignment worries her. She has been given the task of interviewing an angel, and filming the exchange for an upcoming TV special. She has a three-week deadline to pull off this impossible feat.

With an elderly professor specializing in angel studies as her sidekick, Lauren takes off for the Midwestern states, where a mysterious man has been performing miraculous deeds and helping people that are down on their luck at a rapid clip.

But when Lauren finally catches up with the alleged angel, she quickly realizes her assignment is not only difficult, but dangerous. She's been set up and is now the hunted instead of the hunter, shadowed by killers working for a secretive group that are bent on destroying the world. Now she needs her own guardian angel to keep her alive long enough to break the story of a lifetime.