Lucy's Fortune - a historical fantasy by Christopher Beraht

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Imagine America in 1939, the has ravaged working Americans and World War 2 looms on the horizon. Now imagine this world where magic is real, and the secret engine on which all society is built.

This is the world that Lucy Harris discovers right after her thirteenth birthday. She has lived her childhood in the circus with her father, but she never knew his greatest secret. Her father, a former bootlegger, is a man on the run. He stole a powerful magical artifact from a powerful gangster, and the man will do anything to get it back.

Lucy must go on a journey across depression era America with gangster wizards on her tail. Along the way she will learn the truth about her father, and her own destiny. Her father had prepared a life for her before she was even born, and now it is up to her to decide whether she wants to reject or embrace it.

Lucy's Fortune is a novel that combines the sensibilities of John Steinbeck with the classic fantasy quest adventure. Magic blends with the history of America, and it is magic that shapes the future that is to come. In a world where only the elites and outlaws possess magic, Lucy must find her own way, and decide which side she will be on, before it is too late.

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