Love In Cardwell: A Christmas Romance by Mark F. Geatches

Love In Cardwell: A Christmas Romance by Mark F. Geatches

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Jason has recently began a new life. He moved from the big city to a small town. He purchased a quaint hometown restaurant, his first-ever venture into the business world. And he was determined to never be hurt by a woman again. The loss of his fiancé three years ago and then his mother within the last year caused him to make such radical changes.

Six months later, just when Jason is settling into a routine and relatively lonely existence, a freak encounter during a night-time run does what he least expects. It brings love back into his life and with it, unwanted difficulties. Along with her friends Lucy and Susan, Karen has been frequenting B & L Cardwell, Jason’s restaurant, ever since he purchased it. Until their chance encounter on Main Street, however, Jason could not have told you what Karen looked like. Then suddenly, they’re a new couple. When things are good, they’re very good, but when they’re not, she blindsides him with sudden changes of mood, or she’s being so secretive he wonders if she even cares for him.

Now that his eyes have been opened to the wonderful people around him, he suddenly feels alive again, and he is involved with a gorgeous firebrand, Jason is soon faced with a major complication. He finds Lucy, Karen’s best friend, not only beautiful in a girl-next-door kind of way, but intriguing and intellectually compatible as well. He can’t decide if Karen is the right girl for him or if it’s Lucy. To make matters more challenging, Karen and Lucy have had a friendly and open competition to see who can win his affection first. With Karen the apparent winner, Jason is constantly going out of his way to protect Lucy’s feelings, or more to the point, to not allow Karen to hurt her feelings as she obviously enjoys doing.

Though, Love in Cardwell, takes place over a three week period, Jason has some major decisions to make, and some hearts (along with some ribs) to break. As usual, things just kind of happen to Jason, even big life-changing things, and the climax of this novel takes matters completely out of his hands.