Sorcerer Rising (Virgil McDane Series Book 1) - Fantasy by E. Nathan Sisk

Sorcerer Rising (Virgil McDane Series Book 1) - Fantasy book by E. Nathan Sisk

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Virgil McDane never wanted to be a Sorcerer. He was trained and educated as a Wizard, a member of the Wizard’s Guild.

Then he burned down a world and it’s been downhill ever since.

As a Sorcerer, a mage without the backing of the Guild, he is seen as second rate, barely able to scrape up enough money to pay for a crappy apartment. Worse, as a Branded Sorcerer, he’s been stripped of everything the Guild ever taught him, his magic reduced to a fraction of its former power.

But Virgil’s in luck. Cyrus Aberland has a lot of money, even more hate for the Guild than him, and a job that needs doing.

Now, Virgil will find himself guiding a team across a world filled with magic, one they barely understand. He’ll have to delve into the Aether, the mist of creation which creates whole worlds and peoples from nothing more than thought, survive the jungles of Africa, and face colossal monsters as they venture through the world’s endless oceans.

All for a paycheck, and maybe, if his luck holds, to reclaim what he once was.