American Brush-Off - Y/A historical fiction by Max Willi Fischer

American Brush-Off - Y/A historical fiction by Max Willi Fischer

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Seventeen-year-old Lud Mueller never dreamed his senior year in high school would be like this. Stalked by the F.B.I., imprisoned and sent to an internment camp for Germans and German-Americans in the Texas desert, Lud’s world disintegrates in the chaos of World War II. Not until after he is reunited with his family in the internment camp, does he learn of the government’s real reason for his imprisonment.

The Crystal City, Texas Internment Camp attempts to give a sense of normalcy to family life for several thousand internees, but everyone knows the number one rule…go beyond the fence perimeter and you’re shot.

Not only does Lud have to deal with his country turning its back on him, he must dodge harassment in the camp by the handful of Nazi sympathizers who view him as a threat to their views. He must adapt from being a brawny, school jock to using his wits to survive the various dilemmas presented behind the barbed wire.

It doesn’t take long for Lud to be attracted to Trudi. Together, they sooth each other’s anxieties…until the government intervenes again.

Lud’s ordeal doesn’t stop at the war’s end. For several more years he faces deportation to the shattered shell of what was Germany.

American Brush-Off is based primarily on the accounts of the internees who lived the experience at the Crystal City, Texas Internment Camp during World War II.