An Anthology of Thirty, 30 Minute Made-From-Scratch Desserts by Editors of Cake Chatter

An Anthology of Thirty, 30 Minute Made-From-Scratch Desserts by Editors of Cake Chatter

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This anthology is brought to you by the Editors of CakeChatter™. We love the joy of baking (from scratch) and throughout the years have developed a devoted following on our Facebook page and Twitter…

Our mantra is this: One: When you bake, bake from scratch and two: Use only natural ingredients (preferably organic). P.S. You won’t find Kool-Whip® in our recipes!

We spent countless hours researching these desserts to find those that are actually made-from-scratch and in 30 minutes--not an easy task. We also took unprecedented time to edit the recipes so that they were simple and easy to follow--and in plain English! We also included the author's notes where applicable and comments from Dough-Punchers™, or those who had made the recipes with success, whose tips were invaluable.

We've included a smattering of Grandma’s best desserts (along with newer varieties) from the "classics", along with some exotic desserts thrown in—spiced with helpful and beneficial tips to make these culinary delights all the more enticing.

Our book is the first in our Dough-Punchers™ series… Dough-Puncher™ is an old Western term for those who rustled up the grub and made the cowboys happy! (After all, the way to a happy cowboy is through his stomach.)

Are you a Dough-Puncher™? If you love to punch-the-“dough” (from the Middle English, meaning a "mass of flour or meal moistened and mixed for baking"…), and love to make people happy with your culinary delights, then YES you are!

The Editors of CakeChatter™ hope that you enjoy our book! After all, there’s nothing better than punching-the-dough and making your family and friends happy—just like your Grandma used to do!