Enemy Immortal - a science fiction adventure by Jim Meeks-Johnson

Enemy Immortal - a science fiction adventure thriller by Jim Meeks-Johnson - book promotion services

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An alien colony vanishes without a trace. 

Lt. Jade Mahelona is sent to find it, but she chafes at the Entanglement's disrespect for Earth's cultures, and the last thing she wants to do is collude with their interstellar schemes. 

Jade travels through wondrous worlds to the colony planet, where she clashes with a powerful Immortal cyborg intent on ransacking the planet to find the mysterious force which took the colonists. 

On the run from the cyborg, Jade discovers an enigmatic lost civilization, and in the process, attracts the attention of a primordial power bent on consuming sentient beings. 

Jade's little team struggles to survive as the only thing standing between these ascending evils and the rest of the galaxy.