Keep Your Life: Plan Your Endgame So Loved Ones Stay Loved Ones by Garth Hassel

Keep Your Life: Plan Your Endgame So Loved Ones Stay Loved Ones by Garth Hassel

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You know you need to plan your retirement. And your estate. How about your quality of life? And when you’re most vulnerable your dignity? That is, what’s your endgame? How do you pull it all together and keep it together now to beyond your last breath? Your way, always.

Perhaps you’re already a caregiver to your ageing parents. Perhaps you are an ageing parent. Perhaps you’re both, or worried you will be. You know too many people stuck in arduous situations with family drama, angst, and financial drain. There must be a better way that’s still a loving way to live.

Keep Your Life is a timeless path to follow so from your first day of retirement, you can assure your kids and closest loved ones that they can give you their love and keep their lives.

Keep Your Life is how to surf the silver tsunami without drowning. It’s the confidence to

- maintain harmony within your family
- avoid becoming a victim of elder abuse
- find advisers that match your personal and financial styles
- prepare for the possibility of needing long-term care
- reduce stress by making tough decisions before they become crises
- reduce your financial risks
- avoid the 7 epic errors that millions of people suffer
-- in their relationships with loved ones and
-- in their relationships with money.

Online resources help you make real progress toward planning your endgame. If you are serious about achieving that progress, you can complete an online assessment after finishing the book. Then the author offers you (until he has more demand than he can handle) a personal action plan that points you in the right direction.

About the Author:

Husband, dad and engineer turned adviser, Garth discovered that the length at which he goes to bring experts together to solve a person’s problems is proportional to the depth of his relationship with that person.

This is partly an outcome of his devotion to his wife. Garth met his match in high school. She patiently awaited his proposal until he came through while they were in graduate school. For the ensuing decade, Garth’s job was to make nasty stuff melt in crucibles so that the transformed material wouldn’t be nasty anymore. Meanwhile Garth’s caring for his illness-stricken wife was the crucible that melted his heart. A miraculous turn of events brought healing, five children, and a heart for equipping others to prepare for probable caregiving situations that can melt families and retirement dreams.

Certified in Long-Term Care® and a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, Garth believes that the wisdom of teams that achieved remarkable results during his twenty-year engineering career applies equally to planning to maintain control through your most vulnerable seasons of life.