Milky Way Tango - a science fiction/adventure book by Roger Alan Bonner

Milky Way Tango - a science fiction/adventure book by Roger Alan Bonner
Milky Way Tango kicks off a three-volume story, a quest motivated by romance in a space opera setting. Just before college, Sarah decides to make love to Jimmy. They have been closest friends since childhood, and Jimmy is planning to attend college off-planet. She will soon lose him. 

On the Big Date they become lovers, but Fate deals them a cruel and violent twist - Jimmy ends up with a ten-year prison sentence and feels lucky to spend it on a navigational array next to a nebula, at the far end of inhabited space. 

The police deliver him as the sole human aboard the array, and his thoughts and efforts immediately turn to survival. Nebulae are explosive, energetic places, and asteroid showers routinely cruise through the area at seventy thousand kph. 

Sarah is left behind, alone. She attends a big university on the far side of Ambrosa, makes a few friends, studies hard, and tries to continue her life without Jimmy. She goes to parties. She even takes a couple of lovers. After all, Jimmy told her not to wait for him, but to live her life and have a grand life. 

But it does not work. She cannot get Jimmy out of her mind, or even out of her bed. The reason is simple - she does not want to; she loves him. For Sarah, all roads lead to Jimmy. 

She decides what must come next; she must somehow get back to Jimmy, get him back in her life. The alternative is sleeping through life, losing the highs and lows, living a slow death.

The question is, how can she do that? It is one thing to say it, another to do it.
The story continues in Milky Way Boogie and concludes explosively in Milky Way Gala.