A Taste of Sweetness (A Blossom Hills Romance Book 1) by Kate Alexander

A Taste of Sweetness (A Blossom Hills Romance Book 1) by Kate Alexander

Zoey  was used to people falling in love with her baking, but she never expected to find a man who would fall in love with her when she moved from Lexington to Blossom Hills.  She left a bad relationship and tedious job to open a bakery in the hometown of an old college friend in Blossom Hills.  The small town is perfect for her new life.  She can’t wait to reconnect with her friend and have a fresh start.  When she arrives in town in the middle of the night she makes her way to what she thought was her new apartment.  It isn’t until she is woken up by a smiling shirtless man the next morning that things get really interesting.

Tyler is back in his hometown after having his heart broken by his ex-girlfriend who had cheated on him.  He moved back home to start his own business, reset his priorities and reconnect with friends and family.  Zoey immediately makes a lasting impression on Tyler when he finds her asleep on his couch in his apartment. It isn’t long before he realizes that he has met his match in nearly every way with this captivating woman.

Zoey opens her new bakery in this quirky little town, and is excited for her newfound friendships.  She also discovers that she can’t resist Tyler’s charms for long.  They have built their own little world filled with comfort and happiness with each other and their friends.

Can this happiness last or will Zoey’s past come back to destroy their new future?

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