The Reinvented by Thomas M Watson

The Reinvented by Thomas M Watson

Did you ever feel like disappearing altogether? I used to. And, I did it. There's not much today that hasn't been reinvented. So, I reinvented myself.

It's easy to become someone else. Change your identity. But you gotta do your homework if you want to reinvent you...and survive.

People used to walk all over me. I mean, they treated me like crap. They used me because I was an easy mark. Family, acquaintances and so-call friends.  I've been used and stepped on more than a threadbare doormat.

This includes a man I borrowed money from, paid him back in full, then he discarded me like the weekly trash. That was good, in a way, because it was then I had an epiphany. I was treated badly because I allowed it to happen. Duh...

My name is Sam. I'm a former steel worker. I'm about 6'1” and my weight was a little on  the lean side. You wouldn't know it if you could see me now. This story is about me and my friends. My crew. Reinventing ourselves. The whole freaking nine yard makeover.

We're putting the experience to use.

Too many have had their hands in my pockets. It's time to use my hands. Get some money back...My way.

Hey, sometimes the bad guys win!