Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood - a page turning dark fantasy by Antonio Roberts

Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood- a page turning dark fantasy by Antonio Roberts

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After so many years, nothing’s changed. No one listens to changelings. Death follows in my wake. People disappear, secrets resurface, and the truth hurts.

Even when my scales still glowed, and my girlish figure teased the mind’s eye, I’d only started running. With another home gone, and another parent dead, my arrest warrant stung a new low.

I wish I could slap myself knowing what I do now. The sky city uncovered more secrets than I’d hoped. I expected the world to turn my way. I was half right. By now, I should know appearances are deceiving.

So, go ahead right me off. Sing me the tale of how the ol’ bat’s off her rocker again.

Or ignore me.  First rule of the underground is “keep your eyes straight and head down.” Pick your poison; it’ll kill you either way.

I gambled my life taking the killer head on and others paid the price. Reading could ask you the same. Depends where the dice roll. They’d like it under wraps, out of wandering eyes, the truth hurts after all.

My offer stands; you still wanna know?

Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood marks the ambitious start of the Vestige Saga.
Readers of Young Adult Fiction as well as fantasy genre fans will find something to love in this dark steampunk fantasy full of fast paced adventure and an exciting menagerie of characters.