Collapse 2020 Vol. 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization by Bruce Nappi

Collapse 2020 Vol. 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization by Bruce Nappi

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $6.99) 8/26/2020 - 8/28/2020!

Collapse 2020 Vol. 1 explodes world-wide conventional thinking about the impending major collapse of human society.

In this book, the reader will learn how:

Climate change is NOT a cause on its own. It is a symptom of world pollution!

The fall of every major society from Babylon to Persia to the Roman Empire to Spain, France, and England, were due to LIMITS of natural resources and defective social structures.

Over Population, the primary cause of the depletion of natural resources, will no longer have the material it needs to sustain current life styles.

Sigmund Freud was RIGHT about the function of the human brain - almost! Now, a new discovery for the first time explains HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS!

The explosion of modern technology, and the COMPLEXITY it infuses into every institution of our civilization, makes it impossible for our limited human brains to COPE!

Liberal-conservative polarization, gridlock in governments, and the enduring pervasive social injustice are explained.

The LANGUAGE catastrophe explains why modern communications has turned the whole planet into an INSANE ASYLUM!

It explains why "CAPITALISM", the foundation of modern business and commerce, is an utter unworkable failure.

As great as the books Atlas Shrugged, Origin of Species, Brave New World and Maslow's Hierarchy were, they were still unfinished milestones in the progress of civilization. If you are ready to contemplate the next step, this book will take you there!

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