Cybernetic Soul - epic science fiction by Nikolai Bird

The life of a freelancer is to be a slave to the credit - forever chasing the next job, taking risks and avoiding debt collectors. Starship Starstrel is a working ship. She is old, but tough. She is battered and beaten and held together with ship’s tape and prayers. Captain Bryn Golmo is in command of a crew of over fifty souls. They are a fine crew, a crew to be proud of, but nobody is perfect. Trading and mining are all very good, but military contracts pay the best. Of course, they are deadly dangerous. Luckily the Starstrel was made to take a beating. Now she faces her greatest test yet.

The Galstar Industries Federation of Planets is home to trillions, each of whom is born a shareholder. When the Starstrel is broken and out of credit, her captain is forced to accept a secret mission to find a missing agent in a dirty xenosentient system. Joining the crew is an odd purple-eyed woman who is both out of place and unwelcome having been forced upon them by a Federation secret service. The Empire is expanding and has no intention of letting the ceasefire with the Federation halt its plans for galactic domination. Rebellion is brewing again. Galactic war is close to restarting. Captain Golmo is just trying to survive.

Cybernetic Soul is the first in a new series of action-packed, epic space adventures by author Nikolai Bird (author of Malspire). Read Cybernetic Soul now and join the crew of Starship Starstrel as they make their way through the galaxy running from the syndicates, smuggling goods, completing military contracts, exploring dark regions, searching for the secrets to ancient technologies and so much more. Rich characters and a fast-paced story with just the right amount of tongue in cheek humour make Cybernetic Soul a must read for any science fiction fan.