The Weed Day Massacre - Contemporary Adventure by John F Whalen

The Weed Day Massacre

This tale chronicles an apocalypse that killed millions of Americans, each one within minutes, the entire group in a couple of days. Central to the story is a cross-country tunnel with a canal fed by global warming ocean overflow. Atop the channel, is a submerged uni-rail carrier. 

My protagonist begrudgingly worked on the wall with others, also forced out of their careers, to perform hard labor on the wall. The mafia and Mexican government created a secret agenda to sabotage the wall by planting chemical agents in its construction. The ingredients' design caused the wall to crumble gradually before its completion. 

At an outdoor cafĂ© in Provincetown, his beer-soaked tongue let slip the nature of the sabotage cliques. From that point, he lived like a fugitive with the government chasing him and his secrets. He innocently became involved with three dead bodies, which tightened his life on the run. 

One key to this order of magnitude success was infiltrators from other countries who lived in the U.S. for two years, gaining America’s trust and the friendship of its citizens. But they betrayed their new homeland with the coast to coast distribution of the chemical warfare agent, a lethal strain of marijuana. Another key was the mass murder date – April 20.

His private investigations led him to capture scenarios that required intricate escape sequences. There is a multi-nation force behind the massacre that operated an underground organization with an extended-range plan of controlling the Western Hemisphere. 

His lover and partner in crime questioned him in ways that drew out detailed descriptions of the past, the motives for the present, and speculation of the future. Her loyal involvement kept him sane.

He came in possession of a cryptic map that proved Mexico, the apparent massacre mastermind, was not guilty. Instead, a conspiracy of 7 countries led by Russia created the massacre followed by an attack on American soil, when the U.S. was most vulnerable. The infiltrators played a pivotal role in a take no prisoners battle then went home waiting for another attack. Aside from political satire, and many parallels that track America’s 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic; the story is not so far-fetched.