Shallcross: Animal Slippers - metaphysical fiction by Charles Porter

Shallcross: Animal Slippers (The Hearing Voices Series) by Charles Porter

"An unforgettable tale with rich and moving connections, poetic storytelling, and an inimitable style."

-- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

From the cloud lands of South Florida – from the novels, Shallcross, and Flame Vine comes another story in the life of Aubrey Shallcross. What happens when nature turns into super nature? In this eco-warrior tale, two bull alligators, The Dragon and Two-toed Tom, are formidable living vessels inhabited by the ghosts of Jules Verne and the famous Seminole, Osceola.

They are discovered on a remote creek by Aubrey, someone medicine would call schizophrenic. Aubrey can see and hear the spirits that captain the huge reptiles and together they form an alliance. Vern and Osceola collaborate with a Seminole medicine man, Billie Monday and his soldier, Freddie Tommie to stop runaway development, and the giant gators are soon sent to destroy certain building projects with toxic trails. Aubrey joins them in creating chaos and misery when the bulldozers come to fill the wetlands and level the woods.