Guardian - paranormal romance by Sara Mack

Guardian - paranormal romance by Sara Mack book promotion

What would you do if your lost love returned from the grave?

College student Emma Donohue thought she had it all: a loving family, a handsome boyfriend, and one more year of school before graduation. When a late night accident rips the love of her life from this world, Emma is shattered. James is gone, and she is broken.

Caught in a mind-numbing cycle of guilt and memories, Emma begins to hear his voice. James sounds as if he is standing right beside her, and she fears her bruised heart is driving her mad. Only when he is strong enough to appear does she realize he truly exists. James has returned to her as a Guardian.

Determined to stay together, James and Emma must learn to navigate their new reality. Promises, secrets, and new jealousies test the limits of their relationship. When someone from their past threatens to harm Emma, both she and James must come to grips with his limitations as a Guardian. Torn between an old love and the possibility of a new one, Emma, ultimately, must decide which path is right for her.