Killer Visual Strategies: Engage Any Audience, Improve Comprehension, and Get Amazing Results Using Visual Communication by Amy Balliett

Does your industry require strong imagery and visuals to succeed?

It most likely does!

Because  91% of today's audiences prefer visual content as their first form of information delivery.

And a staggering 94% of first impressions of a brand or product will be based entirely on the design of that visual content.

That’s why we need to use  visual storytelling to help us establish and strengthen relationships, engage distracted audiences, and bring clarity to complexity.

Killer Visual Strategies examines how visual communication has transformed how brands connect with their customers and colleagues alike.

It looks at the growing audience demand for quality visual content and how organizations must meet this demand or risk being left behind.

“...this gem of a book is packed with actionable information and sets its audience up for informed success in the world of visual communication.” ―Susan Varnum, senior producer, LinkedIn Learning

In addition to providing actionable rules to follow for creating high-impact visual content, Killer Visual Strategies also explores the latest trends, including visual search, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), as well as what lies ahead in this dynamic field!