No Shelter (Shadow Fischer Series Book 1) by Nicholas A. Fuchs

No Shelter (Shadow Fischer Series Book 1) by Nicholas A. Fuchs book promotion

NO SHELTER introduces a cold-blooded and indefatigable young killer Noah Fisher aka Shadow. An unwanted child surviving an oppressed and cruel life was groomed by a mysterious "The Foundation" to be a lethal and emotional-less killer who was tasked to locate and notify any source of ethnic cleansing, genocide, or other atrocities in Communist East Germany. 

The evidence which he unearthed was a double-edged sword. Betrayed, chased by a multitude of armed forces, a kill on sight order on his head, and barely escaping ambushes, he scrambled to safety. Unable to distinguish between a friend and foe, he was assisted by a courageous intelligence officer Gabi who also happened to be his girlfriend and a peculiar criminal mastermind Finn. It was either continue to right the wrongs, clear his name, and protect those who could not defend themselves or die trying. Cold War in name only, Europe was an active and brutal battleground. Will Shadow triumph it over to see freedom in the form of falling of the Berlin Wall and return home to the only love of his life?