Nobody Eats Parsley : And other things I learned from my family by David Oakley

The laugh you absolutely need with the 2020 holidays rapidly approaching!

In Nobody Eats Parsley: And other things I learned from my family, David Oakley ushers us front and center to the inner circus of his family life. These are stories so ridiculous you might think they‘re fiction. They‘re not.

Each chapter is filled with hilarious true events from David‘s world and there‘s a nice life lesson "take-away" from each. For example:

The time David went to an X-rated drive-in without realizing his parents were in the next car.

Or the time he let his kid throw a rock through their living room window.

Or about the time David bought a camouflage thong in a bait shop.

And the chapter about the time he ruined a kid‘s birthday party.

And the other time he ruined a kid‘s birthday party.

Nobody Eats Parsley is divided into 4 thematic parts that reveal the roller-coaster life of an advertising creative director, father, friend and everything in-between. David writes about the absurd realities of life with a nuanced style that is honest, transparent and memorable.

So, sit back, grab a beer and let Mr. Oakley take you on a tour of "Dave's World."

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