The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

I have been in the field of investing ever since I was a young teen during the mania of the early 1990s.  I have had huge successes and even bigger failures.

I made enough money before I was 30 (2004), that ordinary people would not have made in a lifetime.

If I had just done my first investment as a young teen in life, in the mania of the early 1990s, based on logic, patience and reason, and more importantly on a trusted friend’s advice instead of a crooked broker’s stock tip, in MRF, and not on emotion and mania, and no other investment, I would have had more than Rs 590 crores (79 million dollars) by June 2020.

If I just stopped investing at 30 (2004), taken all my winnings and only bought Apple, I would have had almost than 27 million dollars (Rs 202 crores) by June 2020.

But my short-term emotional thinking, arrogance, and greed in investing, and ignoring and mocking the principles of capital allocation and risk management blew away all those earnings.

Now I have a vision of at least 10 years.  For stocks that I missed out like what I mentioned above, I have a vision of 25 years.

The world’s greatest investors were successful only because of logic, reason, patience, and discipline.
Since 2018, I changed my whole strategy and reviewed my life’s experience since I started actively investing as a young teen in the early 1990s.

This change in strategy and more importantly the disciplining and strengthening of my mind due to consistent practice of ध्यान Dhyana since 2015, has made me a very mentally strong and disciplined individual and now I would like to believe I am beyond ignorance, fear, hope and greed while investing and I hope at most things that life throws at me.

I thought I should share my life's learning over the last 26 years in the art and science of investing.

I hope it prevents others from making the mistakes I made until 2018, and straightaway skip all my mistakes and go on to the success I am having since 2019.

I have returned more than 70% on my investments from late 2018 to date and more than 100% on my investments from late 2019 to date when markets the world over have negative returns.

The purpose of this publication is to enable you to manage money wisely and earn a consistent regular income. This publication will enable you to achieve financial freedom.

But this publication has a higher purpose. To get you to read my book Arya Dharma: The Noble Dharma.

My book Arya Dharma: The Noble Dharma will enable to you achieve Moksha or freedom from the permanent influence of कर्म Karma or Destiny.

The purpose of wealth is not to buy large mansions and fancy cars and waste it on superfluous extravagance, toy boys, mistresses and undeserving charities meant only for the fish love of furthering your dreams.

The purpose of wealth is to give you the freedom to pursue your higher passions and more importantly discover the joys of SEVA (selfless sacrifice) by helping the most needy and unfortunate beings in this world by giving them true love and the ability to chase their dreams, not yours.

The highest goal of the Arthasastra is SEVA (selfless sacrifice) to the old – the highest ideal of Dharma.

The root of happiness and wellbeing  is Dharma.
The root of Dharma is Artha (economy and statecraft leading to wealth)
The root of Artha is good governance.
The root of good governance is conquering by self-control.
The root of conquering by self-control is humility.
The root of humility is SEVA (selfless service) to the old.