A Boy for New Year’s Eve: A Small Town Romance by Natalie Baker

A Boy for New Year’s Eve: A Small Town Romance book promotion by Natalie Baker

Four high school friends, Mia, Diane, Claire and Penny, want to spend the last night of the year in the arms of someone they like. The problem is - the year is already coming to an end and they are all still single. Will each one of them manage to find a boy for New Year’s Eve?

I really need to make up my mind.

For months I’ve had a huge crush on Jason - a real hunk. Tall, black hair, dark eyes - you catch my drift. Popular, irresistible, and usually surrounded by a group of giggling chicks. Then there’s Chris - my longtime friend, who plays guitar in our musical duo. Sometimes I would think I’d like it to be more than just friendship - so why do I keep thinking about Jason so much?

Me and the girls came up with an idea to host a New Year’s Eve party, where each one of us would invite the boy of her dreams. Diane wants to spend that special night with Paul, but she’d rather he invited her, which is probably not going to happen. Claire’s one big mystery - is there even anyone she likes? And if so, why wouldn’t she just tell us about him? Oh, and did I mention that I’m almost sure Penny has a crush on Jason too? And that is only the start of our problems. As school is slowly finishing before the Christmas break, we’re all still single, but determined to get a boy for New Year’s Eve for each one of us. Will we find them on time? And will they turn out to be more than just a New Year’s Eve date?