CONCEALED - a plot packed with 'smoke and mirrors' by VIKON IAMO

CONCEALED - a plot packed with 'smoke and mirrors' book promotion sites by VIKON IAMO

Peter King had only minutes to live.

On his deathbed, he drops a bombshell on his son Jason and his wife Kate. Jason’s father had just revealed a key and a deadly family secret dating back to the Templars. ‘You need to find the secret flat’ muttered his dying father. Contained within were the important artefacts and the original bible scroll. To add to the mystery a shadowy organisation ‘The Order of 33 Stages’ would do anything to get them and and mysterious circumstances are forcing this quest into its final stage.

Time is running out.

To make their quest harder, the only person left alive who knows the secret flats location is Jason’s elderly great aunt, a woman with a severe case of Alzheimer’s. Valuable clues are doomed to vanish along with her memories. With all the cards stacked against them, Jason and Kate battle against the clock to unlock their great Aunt’s memories. But they also struggle with their suspicions of those around them. As more and more people go missing, the only thing turning up is more questions.