Go Wild - unconventional baby weaning guidebook by Margo

Go Wild - unconventional baby weaning guidebook kindle promotion by Margo
GO WILD is Margo's sincere heart to heart attempt to INSPIRE YOU.’

Growing your own food, sprouting and foraging on edible “weeds” as new simple way of living clean & empowered life, fueling bodies on green superfoods rich in micronutrients, minerals, healing and anti aging compounds .

Especially important while new spotless clean angelic baby human being is growing & developing brain and all other organs and body functions. Feeding on the best possible ” matter” ,apart from love and sun light, is the key to reaching one’s best fullest potential.

The same goes for babies and rest of us. When it comes to weaning feel free to experiment and create your own combinations. It is clear we are all in one way or another conditioned to prefer some foods and flavors. Trust your instincts, but keeping the above in mind, please do not assume just because you don’t like the taste of blended plants your baby will neither. Babies are pure, so close to nature as one can get, pure original raw simple flavors taste good to them.

Gain confidence in recognition and more childlike interest in what nature around you has to offer & provide for your plate. Look at plants around you with eyes & mind open. Be well and healthy.