Dinosaur Dystopia, a sci-fi adventure brimming with mystery by James Poslusny

Dinosaur Dystopia, a sci-fi adventure brimming with mystery book promotion sites James Poslusny

Corporal John Ledge leads a team of five other soldiers to an island in the middle of the pacific, just after the end of World War III. They've been told that this island is home to dinosaurs who have managed to survive 65 million years untouched by evolution. They've been told to eradicate the animals so the military can keep tabs on the enemy. 

They've been lied to. 

The dinosaurs are real enough, but Ledge and his men know just enough about their surroundings to know that the ""Lost World"" trope is not how these dinosaurs came to be here. There's grass, for one thing, which wasn't alive at the time of the dinosaurs. Species which couldn't possibly have lived together can be found on the island, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and Ceratosaurus, just to name a few. 

The dinosaurs are dangerous enough on their own. The nightmares from the war only complicate matters. Worse still, the soldiers will find evidence that they may not be the only people to come to the island. But the true threat lies in the real reason the dinosaurs must die-- and why no one thinks Ledge and his men will return.