The Gift of Stories - anthology with a difference by H.D. Michaels

The Gift of Stories - anthology with a difference book promotion sites by H.D. Michaels
You love to read. But what if suddenly, you found that you simply couldn’t?

Many of us who love reading never pick up a book. Why not? I couldn’t understand it until it happened to me. For me, I stopped either just after I had one of my babies or when I was grieving.

Two vastly different life events, but the result was the same. I was:

Overwhelmed with new emotions

Struggling with concentration

Sleep deprived

Living day by day

Unconsciously, I stopped reading, and I hated it. I truly believe if I had spent a few minutes a day reading, I would have felt better. Modern life is stressful, and we often put our well-being last. We don’t have time, we are exhausted, and our heads are full of a million things already! 

Every time I stopped reading, I trained myself back into it in the same way – with short stories. Every day, I felt a small success and I celebrated it. I created the Gift of Stories to help people get back into reading. I love novels, but sometimes in life that feels unachievable. It couldn’t be simpler, one story a day for 28 days; a journey of rediscovery.

The stories are all different and they start at less than 100 words. Some of the stories are scary, some are romantic, some make you feel sad, some will make you laugh. 

Hopefully, you’ll give it a read and please share it with anyone who you think needs to make time for themselves and fall in love with reading again.

Everyone deserves a life filled with wonderful stories.