A Bakery Called Scrumptious by DeVon Nelson

A Bakery Called Scrumptious by DeVon Nelson

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"Welcome to Scrumptious Bakery, where every bite reminds you of grandma,” Shianne cried out excitedly at the grand opening of her new bakery. Shianne had dreamed of owning a bakery since she was a small child. At five and six years old, Shianne and her sisters were whipping up everything from chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies to peach cobblers and three-layer cakes.

But as the girls grew older, her sisters did more of the tasting, leaving Shianne and Grandma Eva to the baking. It was during these times that the two dreamed of opening a bakery.

Several years later, Shianne opens her bakery and things are flourishing. But shortly after, things get dramatically and terrifying complicated. A slew of surprises, from the return of an ex-lover to an unexpected pregnancy to a burglary at Scrumptious Bakery, where burglars walk away with cash and a giant tub of Shianne’s famous chicken salad. Are these surprises enough to doom Scrumptious Bakery?

With love, laughter, and tons of heart, A Bakery Called Scrumptious is sure to delight readers everywhere.