Hailey's Sexcapades: The Complete Collection - An interracial erotica bundle by Vivica Snow

Hailey's Sexcapades: The Complete Collection - An interracial erotica bundle book promotion sites Vivica Snow

Hailey's Sexcapades: The Complete Collection is a bundle of ELEVEN impossibly hot interracial erotica stories featuring the nine original titles plus two never-before-published bonus stories.

Curvy redhead Hailey gets caught naked in her studly black neighbor's pool one night because of a dare. Things take an even more unexpected turn as the night goes on, and before she knows it Hailey is tangled up in his arms writhing in passion.

Their budding romance doesn't stop there. For the next few months they explore each other's minds and bodies like no one has before. Along the way they meet new friends, visit exciting places, learn each other's secrets, and somehow find time to get down and dirty at every stop along the way.

The two well-endowed characters in this bundle explore their new sexual appetites and even share it with their closest friends. They partake in group play, many exciting new positions, and even take a trip to Vegas where things REALLY get heated.

In the end, their flaming passion for one another takes control of their relationship and culminates into the best night of their lives.

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