Jackson: Against the Boards - a Flings-to Lovers Hockey Romance by Zoe Beth Geller

Jackson: Against the Boards - a Flings-to Lovers Hockey Romance book promotion sites Zoe Beth Geller

The sexy hockey player who isn't into relationships is mesmerized by a girl line dancing at a college country bar. The chemistry sizzles in this steamy read that starts The Sin Bin Hockey Series.

Jackson discovers their one night isn't enough so he stretches the night into breakfast as he tries to convince Olivia that he's not just another jock into puck bunnies. And Olivia is no puck bunny, she just wants a nice guy and maybe a boyfriend before she graduates, even if it only lasts a week.

Just as they are high on love, his controlling parents come to town, with his old high school sweetheart in tow adding tension for the new lovers. 

The Frozen Four Tournament is coming up and Jackson needs to get his head in the game. 

He also needs to pick his girl and set boundaries with his mother.

Jackson is going to the Fort Myers Gator NHL team after graduation. But will he take Olivia with him?

This novel has a Happy for Now ending with a HEA bonus epilogue!