Now That I Have Your Attention - A Personal Memoir by the First Lady by Gina Brunson

Now That I Have Your Attention - A Personal Memoir by the First Lady book promotion sites Gina Brunson

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It is common knowledge that there have been pastors that have had moral failures, after all we are dealing with human beings. The most notably extra martial affairs are the ones admitted by some famous pastors on television. Is anyone else shocked or am I just na├»ve as to why this keeps happening? The moral failures of pastors happen in local cities across the country. Some pastors are fired, some are relocated to another church, and some step down temporarily. Pastors' moral failures will not keep them from preaching the Word of God. They will survive, but who protects the church First Lady?  

As a pastor’s wife, I knew the expectations placed upon me could be challenging! Ministry, while fulfilling, can also be one of the loneliest jobs, but even lonelier for the First Lady when the pastor seeks solace somewhere other than his marriage. If you have ever been curious about how a pastor’s moral failures affect his wife, read this explosive story. First Lady Gina shares the pastor’s adulterous activities and the challenges she faced when her husband was overtaken in a fault.