Telescope Jim Illustrated - A riveting childrens fantasy by J. S. Lome

Telescope Jim Illustrated - A riveting childrens fantasy book promotion sites J. S. Lome

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James Williams ran away to get a new start, but he had no idea it would turn him into a pirate. After getting tricked by a mysterious poker player, James finds himself on the South Seas’ most wanted list. Hunted by authorities, he must join the gambler and help find a missing treasure that could ‘change the fate of our world.’  Little does he know, a giant by the name of Telescope Jim lurks in the South Seas hunting the same treasure. And when a secret map reveals a passage where an ancient giant race threatens to attack humanity, James realizes time is running out. Will he discover the treasure in time and stop the giants? Will he survive a plot of trickery between the pirates. And when the time comes, will James become the Mutineer he was destined to be?