Earl of Keyworth - a regency romance by Collette Cameron

Earl of Keyworth - a regency romance book promotion sites Collette Cameron

The only thing redeemable about the enigmatic and aloof Landry, Earl of Keyworth, was his giant dog. Never had a man infuriated Celestia Tolman more. After the bounder nearly bankrupted her father, Celestia decided to take matters into her own hands. She’d teach the arrogant lord a lesson he’d never forget.

There were two things in all the world that Landry couldn’t abide: liars and cheaters. So when the delectable bluestocking, Celestia Tolman, shows up on his doorstep and attempts to sway his sympathies in favor of her charlatan of a father, Landry has no patience. He sends her packing.

Then the ugly rumors began to circulate about him, and he need look no further than the green-eyed temptress who'd vowed vengeance for her father and their family honor.